Thursday, January 3, 2013



Plow ignorance from its roots to sow seeds of transformation.

Bloom of aspirations; hold your head up enough to see the sky and feel the breeze kiss your lips. renewing caged words, written across the heart

Warmth is the nourishment; weathering the blunders of your heavy heart of time and its terms

Do not lay subdued in the capture.

Lift your head higher and kiss the sky with knowledge and imagination: it is only simple bone, blood and flesh they keep.

I speak with breath that is true; there are ones that keep on fighting. Empathetic to your plight, of Oppression and culturally deprived minds.

Those who are foot soldiers for reform; the peacekeeper in chaos.

Allow yourself to be deserving of your dreams, fill the air with light and fire and ideas, these cannot be arrested.

And in solidarity, the stance is strong to educate and erradicate the callousness of injustice

Know that inside, your mind strengthens beyond the bars that confine you.

On the outside your life will be lived in the years your children learn of your struggles, demons and the myths of social darkness

That sacrifice made of humanity, to be numbered; to count the tic tic ticking of your youth building a home in your memory

will not be in vain

For eyes that are forgiving, acknowledge who sings the song of heart for reconciliation against those who air the dust to dirty the panes....

for peace in chaos


(Fellow contributor to this piece is Veteran United States Coast Guard, Good Conduct Award Recepient and current Communications major at University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), Chad Davis. Mr. Davis is currently an intern through a consortium with UNCG and the Higher Education in Prison Initiative at Guilford College.)


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