Friday, June 22, 2012

Live. Learn. Life

Sometimes there are no explanations for the circumstances and events that happen in our lives. Sometimes there are but we are too afraid or ashamed to see.  We could spend hours analyzing everything that could've been different, better choices, or simply a choice. We could constantly live in a moment of suspended time, not truly living or learning.
 What I have found to be important is that we acknowledge our weaknesses and vulnerablity within our humanity. Recognize that in this humanity, lies fault and mistake; yet growth.

And in this growth we understand that sometimes everything is not balck and white, fair or unfair, just or unjust; that the middle; the gray is just important to understanding each other as the concretes. And yes, the gray is subject to interpretation but until the day comes where we have the ability to live in one another shoes, feel each others pain, short-comings, regrets, and aspirations then the gray is our greatest and closest ally to connect with our humanity.

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